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Nantong Runtai Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Tongzhou City, Jiangsu Province, passing through the Xinchang Railway (spur line) and Ningtong, Yantong, Tongqi Expressways, Tongyang, Tonglu, Tongqi Canal and Jiuyi Port, Large backbone rivers such as Yaowang Port and Xinjiang Haihe criss-cross, the southern end connects the Sutong Yangtze River Highway Bridge under construction, and Nantong Airport is located in the western suburbs of the city. The position is unique, and the water, land and air transportation is very convenient.

The company mainly produces 3LWC type, 3LWD type, BK type, SSR type trilobal roots blower series products , and sells aquaculture microporous aeration pipes. Among them, Roots blowers have widely drawn the technical essence of Roots blowers at home and abroad. The impeller adopts a new combination of linear shapes and is processed by precision CNC machine tools. Models have been greatly improved.

Product features: high efficiency and energy saving, high precision, low noise, long service life, reasonable structure, convenient use and maintenance, and the product performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.

The company serves the society based on the business philosophy of honesty and enthusiasm, customer first, production and operation in accordance with the guidelines of quality first and customer satisfaction, and has successfully passed the ISO9001: 2000 design of the China Certification Group Quality Certification Center. Development, production, installation and service quality certification system. Since the company put into production, with its reasonable price, reliable quality and perfect service system, it has quickly won the trust and recognition of our customers. The products are continuously sold throughout the country, in water treatment, pneumatic transmission, vacuum packaging, power plants. , Cement plant, chemical industry, iron and steel, mining area, milling and papermaking industries are quite influential.

The company wholeheartedly welcomes customers, old and new friends to visit us!

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