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The microporous aeration aeration device produced by our company, a new generation of fisheries aeration device, is a key promotion project of the national agricultural department, and it is a new three-dimensional aeration technology. Roots fan + branch pipe + microporous aeration aeration tube, compared with impeller and waterwheel type aerators, the method of aeration has high dissolved oxygen, low energy consumption and good safety Features. The microporous aeration aeration tube has the characteristics of good elasticity, uniform gas output, and small air bubbles, and has been recognized by users. This product has passed the appraisal by the Agricultural Machinery Department of Jiangsu Province, and its performance, safety and other indicators have met the requirements. For practical value and worth promoting. In addition, the company also provides a series of supporting equipment related to the microporous aeration and aeration device, including roots blowers, various specifications of pipelines and matching joints, reducers. Complete variety, moderate price and reliable quality. Welcome customers to call us and negotiate for guidance!

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